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No, not me, but our little Tuxedo cat, Strumpet. Story behiind cut......... so back on the first sunday of May Mistress Strumpet went chasing a shiney reflection up the living room wall. Not unusual for her, nor was it unusual for her to be jumping as high as she did chasing the spot. What was unusual was later in the day when she starting having trouble jumping up on things, like, oh, the low red chair which is her first step to getting up on the mantle when Max thinks he wants to play, and she doesn't (she's about 7.5 pds, he's almost twice that). Kept an eye on her and ended up with a trip to the emergency vet that afternoon. Which is another story in itself (household diva becomes scared little kitty) but the short version is that after 2.5 hours there it was determined she had probably broken something in her right hind foot(fortunately they did not insist on doing any xrays, partially because this area does not get splinted), gave me some pain meds for her and said to keep her confined.

So into the library she went, which is about the only place we could confine her. She spent that night trying to climb everything, and I do mean everything, in an effort to get out. This was also while not really putting any weight on the foot so her usual light-footedness was not in evidence, everything she knocked on the floor was. Nothing(else) broken tho but this was not a happy cat. Despite selectively choosing how she wants to socialize with the other cats (hereafter known as 'The Boys'), Ms Strumpet is very sociable as far as humans are concerned and usually gets first dibs on any laps. Being confined meant no lap! The Horrors! Despite the broken foot she tried several escape attempts, most of which were thwarted by the use of a large BIG pillow I pushed in front of me as I attempted to get into the room with her food/water/meds.....

We followed up with a trip to our own vet that week who did run some xrays and confirmed a broken metatarsal in the back right foot. Same treatment; keep confined, and a few more days of pain med. Soooooo, all of the above continued, with the escape attempts getting a bit faster as she was feeling better. There was significantly less limping within 10 days. She had also, by then, apparently decided that there were a few advantages to this situation, primarily that the wet food came to her, and she didn't have to worry about getting her portion eaten before Max had finished his and started checking all the other bowls for leftovers :). When she knew I was bringing in the good food she usually stopped trying to get out the door. Any other time, watch out!

Check up appt with our vet (love them; all cats!) yesterday. She is doing much better! No limping, actually put on a few ounces, foot is looking good, but we still needed to be careful so only supervised release/parole is allowed. This is good in that she can get out of the one rooom and move around the house. Bad in that The Boys (in particular Max) are waiting...... There was much growling, hissing and spitting yesterday but finally Strumpet got some time out of the library. She was back in overnight because, quite frankly, we wanted to get some sleep and our bed would have been wrestling mania central :). I let her out for a bit this morning. I had some concerns on being able to catch her before I left for work but no problem, she seized the opportunity to stake out a spot in bed with Himself, so was easy to find. I'll let her out again when we get home.

Just another couple of weeks of this and then hopefully a final xray to confirm all is healed. Whew!

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