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Last week went so fast, this one is dragging. Finally hump day however!

Got a lot done over the weekend. EGA class was great, of course now I can't put the project down (a little sampler strawberry, to cute!). Also dug out the henna and I'm a redhead again. Went a little overboard, forgot I usually only use half a box.... Oh well, it will fade, but in the meantime, in the right light, I look like a new penny :).

No renfaire again this weekend, which may be a good thing. Seems to be some respiratory crude going through folks out there (so far not the cutelittlepiggy flu, so far as anyone knows) and I am just as happy to miss it. Himself has also managed to miss it, at least so far, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Speaking of the flu, had the first full read-through of the show I am costuming last night. That could be a big concern there. Folks were advised that the director would be a bit lenient about missed rehearsals if you are coming down with something. Stay home so you won't infect the rest of the cast! I've seen actors plough through while being really sick but this one doesn't sound like it would be so easy, not to mention how contagious it seems to be. Hope we can avoid it.

Hope to get to Coronation this weekend. Would be nice to see folks, altho it means I will be within reach of a certain Evil Baron (tm)................
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