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Need to start making a list again, and prioritize it! The organizational device in the dining room has been accumulating 'stuff' (how does that happen?) again and is now over a foot deep. Measurements and fabric have finally come together for a lot of the show sooooo naturally, just as the temperatures drop, I need to be down in the sweat(NOT)shop to sew. I'm at faire this sunday and of course only have the HOT weather garb dug out of the closet. I love faire when it is cool but I will not be a happy camper in lt-weight linen and even lighter weight cotton. Need to find time to dig in the closet, and be sure something is wearable.

And I keep getting distracted with EGA temptations. Must. Resist. Shiney. Beads.

More details behind cut.... What is it about this time of year that gets so rushed? I am looking forward to faire, despite the hassles w/ race traffic. Hopefully I can catch the chessmatch this weekend. Managed to find a lot of the fabric, and trim I needed for the show at Hancock's yesterday. Went because I had a coupon that was going to expire, and found a bunch of the other stuff I was going to need on sale too. Timing is everything :). Got to root around in the Theater in the Park costume stash on tuesday and have a couple of pieces I think we will be able to use. Still some challenges to find tho.

Oh yeah, and I got stung by a bee while waiting for my TIIP contact! At first I thought it was a mosquito but it didn't react like a 'squito bite, in fact, what I now realize was the stinger, I at first thought was a splinter. Had swelling in two fingers and the back of my hand but it is going down now, just some redness and swelling on the finger that had the sting. Been years since I had a bee sting, hope this is not going to be my reaction to them now.

We are appliance shopping right now. Yes, in the middle of everything else. Realized earlier this year that all our major appliances are 17+ years and starting to show their age. Had the budget braced for all of them going out at once while I started research. Found that apparently now is a good time of the year for the best deals so we are going to start some serious looking. If we can get a good deal on a bundle may go with replacing at least 3 of them at once. Washer is probably the closest to going right now, fridge would be the hardest to do in a quick turn around as we need a very specific size. I would rather be shopping for fabric, or beads, or.....

And to all my LJ friends with four-footed members of your family; give them a hug. It is a rough season right now, several friends have lost one of these family members. My thoughts are with them.
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