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When the crocodile head is in the reflecting pool..... long update behind cut
Spring has sprung on campus, they filled the reflecting pool for our building and turned loose the croc. well, at least the head of one, it's supposed to keep the geese away :).

I'm loving spring this year, *every*thing is blooming! It was a great year for the magnolias (no late freeze to shorten the bloom). The redbuds and lilacs are both in full bloom right now. So is the dogwood but ours has finally bit the dust. It was struggling last year and by fall I new it wasn't going to make it through the winter. We need to take it out but I can't decide if I want to replant another one there or not, probably not. I'll miss it.

Last weekend was a long one; up to Lincoln, NE for an EGA meeting. Managed to find a really great quilt store in Syracuse NE (pop >3000, go figure) and another in Lincoln, plus a pretty good needlework shop. Oh yeah, but we were there for a meeting :). Also prepping/advertising our seminar here in KC this time next year. We (the local KC contingent) were the crazie ladies at the sat. night dinner with all the mardi gras beads, which we passed around and got everyone at out table to wear too. Some folks are really starting to get into it!

Glad the weather is looking good for this weekend, they are having a work day out at the Lilies site and I'm bringing part of the lunch. Also need to get down in the sweatshop a bit. Had a little rain in the basement with the first gulley-washer a couple of weeks ago. All dry now but will need to sweep. Have a few sewing projects (but it looks like all the wedding tweaks for the nieces are probably done), then time to start spring cleaning. Busy, busy, busy.

Now if the power would just stay on here at work, I can get done what I need to do here :)!
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