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I really like that combination but the weekend is never long enough and this is always a bad week to be short. Summary behind cut.... Read more... )

Need to get my priority list put together for the next couple of weeks. Have one deadline to shoot for next weekend but the others are, unfortunately, flexible. Don't give me flexible, it's is to easy for me to get distracted............ooooo shiney!

Hectic week

Sep. 4th, 2009 01:46 pm
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Been a hectic week here at work, and a couple of busy evenings this week. Was very nice to have the break on wednesday with everyone at the dress rehearsal for the Feast at renfaire however. Our bunch came prepared with a feast and were royal entertained by the talented cast. Notty and I also went prepared and avoided the swarm of mosquitos I'm sure were lying in wait :).

It looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice this weekend (a miracle around here on Labor Day weekend) so I will be out at faire on sunday. I missed the first weekend last year so I am looking forward to seeing everyone from the beginning this year. I was sitting hear at work to day realizing that I need to get prepped however! Our current faire routine is nothing like it used to be (or I would still be chained to the sewing maching this week) but I do need to get my costume our and checked and my usual bag of faire supplies (small cooler, allergy meds, doggie treats, sewing kit, etc.) packed out for the run.

The above will be the to-do list for saturday, with hopefully some quick errands that also need to be run. If I do get everything done then monday can be recovery and more work on the PR patterns. Those are the weekend priorities, at least for now :)!
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To the point that folks are having trouble getting out of our building :).

They have been working on the HVAC off and on for a couple of weeks, supposedly regular maintenance (the building is only a couple of years old!). This can result in 'interesting' air flow and our supposedly secure doors (you have to flash ID to get into the building and on certain floors) stand open on their own or a rush of air blows you back when you try and enter. Wellll, the air handlers just went down, unexpectedly, but the exhaust fans are still on. Professors are being blown down the hallway, the chair couldn't get one of the hallway doors open (and he is a pretty fit guy) to get out of the building, not to mention the supposedly hermetically sealed windows, are whistling. I'm having to pop my ears every couple of minutes. They are supposed to be working on the problem.

I soooo love working in a structure built by the guys who put in the lowest bid........
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Stuck to the plan and made more progress, Woot! Cut for space... Read more... )

Renfaire starts this weekend and the forecast is looking fairly decent. Of course my scale for this is almost any temperature under 85 degrees and rain less than a tropical torrent. Seen the torrent, and opening temps of 100+, don't want. Seriously, a decent temp for the first 3-day weekend is a life saver and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for folks. If it stays decent I may make it out for one day so next weekend's list is going to be tentative for a few days.
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Altho not in all the ways I was anticipating. Note to self: remember that EGA is as much a social group as a stitching group and not everyone has the same skill levels.

Cut for probable lengthy rambling..... Read more... )

Prepping the list for this weekend. I've decided to keep an actual hard copy to-do list, mostly not to loose track of the lower priority projects. This weekend has at least one errand, more work in the sweatshop (some sorting but otherwise small repairs to get out of the way), need to get out in the yard (that means dealing with the mosquitos, ugh), fun on the computer with patterns, and maybe a little knitting(muffler, the extent of my knitting ambitions at this time). I'm also starting to realize the house probably needs a list of it's own, but 99% of that would also need to be on the budget, which is not going to happen anytime soon. Oh well.

Looking forward to some cool mornings on the deck the weekend!
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Monthly EGA meeting that I said I would teach the penny rug class at is tonight. Last night I was able to leisurely double-check the bag and put the finishing touches on the recycled wool examples. Sooo nice not to be rushing around. Now here is hoping I haven't forgotten anything at the last minute :).

Working on the 'to do' list and priorities for this weekend. Some yard and house work may need to be in there, probably more time in the sweatshop too but hey, I can find things there now :).

And partially for keeping track of these myself. Over on SCA LJ these links were posted about a major redo of Dover Castle to the period of Henry II:

And then this one to another living history site in England (they have a lot :) ) this one also has a virtual tour:

Sigh, I would really like to have a 16th century living history site around here....
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And a list.

So far, the plan of a list with priorities is working! Resisted the temptation to run errands (ie: goof off) this weekend and got a ton of stuff DONE! Primarily that was the sweat shop. Didn't leave the house all weekend (except to enjoy the cool mornings on the deck with my coffee) and really hit the list. Made sure the PR class supplies were ready, then thought I would drift down to the sweat shop and check on what I had on-hand, fabric wise, for the show. Wellll, a little bit of time grew into the better part of two days but I have a basket full of fabric for consideration for the show, a bag and a half of trash (yes, I actually threw some fabric (scraps) away, and 3 bags/piles of fabric odds and ends to go to other folks for some specific projects. Pre-washed and dried a bunch of fabric that had just been sitting around, then got the new shelf up and tubs sorted and labeled so that now, GASP, I actually know where a few things are :). And the work space is useable, not piled with stuff waiting to get put away. Go Me :) :) :).

Oh yeah, and I have enough green linen, at least for now :). Once I got all the odd pieces I had in one place, there was enough to fill a whole tub! Altho naturally they are all each just a bit different shade of green. Unless I need more than 5 yards of one shade though, I'm pretty set for awhile :).

Other highlights behind the cut Read more... )

And for Hdsgrl, some pics of the penny rug ornaments I've designed:

The cardinal and holly were my first patterns, Dove was developed from the cardinal pattern. The cat was specifically for a friend who has greys like our Murf. The little wren is one of the more recent, and probably my favorite, alltho it is a little tricky to stitch.

Now to work on the list for this week..........
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Oh brother do I have a list! Put one together earlier this week, then kept thinking of things to add, and add, and add. You see, I am a handicraft junkie, especially historic handicrafts. Nothing I like better than trolling through books, craft shows or the internet looking for a really cool project someone has done or a new historical tidbit about some (probably) very esoteric bit of textile history. I always have a new technique or project I want to do, lots of them, to many of them.

Cut 'cause this may get long and I'm polite...... Read more... )
So I have a plan for the weekend, hope it goes smoothly!
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What the heck happened to my mellow summer ?!?!?

School is back with a vengance, first exam coming up for the med students next week. Grad students had orientation today, and seminar program starts in two weeks but I've only heard from one of the first 3 speakers. Hello, need to make plane reservations!!!

On the home front, planning has started for both the EGA seminar and the show. Seminar is not until 2011 but lots of committee positions to get in place now. Show is in November but I like being able to get started on the costume planning, and fabric shopping early so both have been kicked off.

Lots of other odds and ends sitting around to be done so I am borrowing a page from rougewench and starting a to-do list here. Hopefully this will help me stay focused on what needs to get done, as opposed to what is waaay to easy to get distracted into doing: looking at pretty pictures of embroidery for research and playing with shiney beads. List behind cut Read more... )

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that should get me started...........
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Not that I have any corns, yet, but I did get a splinter taken out of the bottom of my foot yesterday and the doc recommended them for a couple of days.

The splinter has been there for awhile. Couldn't get it out, looked like just a spec left when I first got it, and tried to remove, so I figured it would eventually work it's way out. That was in May. Wasn't much of a problem in June and July, but this month I was finally trying to get back to walking, which meant wearing shoes with better arch supports (and firmer soles) than my crocs flats. Hmmm, that nagging little pain in the bottom of the foot was getting worse.

Tried to dig for it again, soaked it, scraped off the small callous that had developed, no luck so I gave in and called the doc. Fortunately I got in with one of my favorites. She wanted to be sure it wasn't something like a plantar's wart but I assured her it wasn't. Ok, time to numb up the spot. OW! That darn stuff burns!!! So anyway she sliced of the callous, found a small speck, latched onto it with her tweezers, and pulled out a 1/3 in long splinter that had gone straight into the foot! No wonder it hurt when I walked!!! She thought it was a pretty big splinter but having taken larger ones out of various animals at the farm, and myself, I wasn't so impressed :).

No pain last night, uncomfortable this morning but the aforementioned corn pad is helping. Probably take it a little easy today and tomorrow but hopefully should be cleared up soon then, back to walking!

Probably more than anyone really wanted to know with their morning coffee :).


Aug. 10th, 2009 03:57 pm
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What happened to summer? I blinked and missed it. It was the end of July, August stretched ahead, a few more weeks to take it easy but Nooooo: I forgot about med school starting, sigh.

For some reason I decided at the last minute to take a day of vacation the last day of July and boy am I glad I did. The weather was perfect! Enjoyed coffee on the deck, lunch with a friend and some leisurely time to run errands so they weren't all crammed into that saturday. Had a family event on saturday, got back to work monday and everything hit. All of a sudden folks have remembered they have to get some things done for the class that started, oh, that day! Not to mention it was time to start the seminar and student day prep. So work is now pretty much back up to normal speed, and then some.

On the home front I have been continuing to try and get the accumulating stash organized, and have managed to hang onto some of the progress made so far while still putting some new projects in the pipeline. Oh what I could do with a whole week off and nothing else scheduled!

Cutting the rest for length: the projects....... Read more... )

That's all for now!
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The American Junior Golf Assoc is looking for someone who is CPR-certified to be their first-aid station at their gold tournament next week (starts sunday and runs through thursday) here in the Kansas City area. They offer polo shirt, hat, meals, and plenty of golf watching to someone who is interested. Some funds are available for a stipend but being non-profit, they are first looking for volunteers.

If you or someone you know are interested, and qualified, drop me an email.
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The wedding went off pretty much without a hitch. The bride was nervous, clung to her dad's arm down the aisle but seemed to get her feet back under her once she arrived. It was a comfy sized group in attendance, who pretty much all came to the reception/dinner afterwards. There was a dance floor, what was mostly used by the very very young kids (2 - 6 yrs) to begin with. A mixed older crowd joined them after dinner.

I can now post the pic of the wedding dress:
This was at the final fitting a week ago sunday, she was a little excited :)> Her hair was done up in a bouffant for the wedding, I think I like this a little better. Perfect dress for her, she was a fairy princess!

On the home front I FINALLY found new cabinet handles for the kitchen, they arrived and Himself got them all installed this weekend. This has been an ongoing process to update the kitchen. It had good 'bones', but yellow plaid wallpaper and old, dark colonial style handles. It proved a bigger job than I thought to find new, simpler handles, as the drill holes for the old ones were a slightly unusual size and we really didn't want to redrill over 30 cabinets and drawers to fit new ones. They make a big difference in the loook of the kitchen. I suppose that eventually new counter tops would be nice but I think the floor may demand attention before then: it is linoleum, in two pieces, and starting to come up in at least one spot. Also up for consideration, what with the new handles, is a new light fixture. Why is it a redecorating job never seems to be done :).
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Anyone in the KC area looking for a flute, recorder, or possibly piano teacher?

My mother used to teach all of the above before she moved to KC and in with my sister and brother-in-law last fall. Move is going well, everyone getting along fine, but she finds she misses teaching. Rennies would probably recognize her, she has been playing a couple of weekends each year with her recorder group (Carnegie Consort).

If anyone is interested just let me know. She is in JO county, near Wardparkway Shopping Ctr.
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Holiday weekend was pretty laid back. We had Ternon's memorial on friday. It was at the renfaire site and a lot of folks I had not seen for years were there. There were tears but it was good to see everyone and remember.

And I had found out the week before we had lost another old family friend, actually a contemporary of my folks. He and my dad had met while working at a Y camp in the summers and later banded together with some other former counselars to get the camp restarted in the 80's. He was in my folks wedding, and attended ours, writing about it later in his newspaper column. He was an MD but had always had an itch to write so in the 80's switched to teaching and writing. Had a very successful series of western novels and keep going to the end. He was at a writer's conference when he had a stroke and then passed the next week. I'm glad it was relatively quick, altho I know his family misses him.

We did not take advantage of the weather last weekend but pretty much lazed around the house on sat. and sun. It was nice to have Himself home without a lot to do on the schedule. I did run some errands and finished the alterations on niece/goddaughters wedding dress. She and her mom came over sunday for the final fitting and after one tweak, it was done, so they took it home with them. Wedding is this saturday. I'm taking an emergency sewing kit with me just-in-case :).

And news from my youngest sister: we are related to royalty! details behind cut... Read more... ) Yup, ceplionhearth and I are related :).

Niece's wedding is this weekend, then need to get another sewing project done. After that I have a couple of embroidery projects I want to *finally* get drawn out and started. Forecast looks like summer is settling in so a good time to stay indoors with the A/C.
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So sunday I finally got to enjoy morning coffee on the deck for the first time in a long time. A combination of weather, schedule and health had meant no deck time for over a month. I enjoyed it :).

I was another renfaire widow this weekend while Himself was down at White Hart with the LMC. I was really worried about folks in the heat on saturday but it appears all were smart enough to take precautions and survived. The front that blew throw the area saturday night also cooled them down and it sounds like sunday was a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Heat did not stop Himself from shopping however and on saturday he found me a lovely surprise gift at one of the crafters; a copper glazed raku pot decorated with gingko leaves. Does he know me or what :). It is really very lovely and I think calls for reorganizing the mantle to properly display it.

Otherwise the weekend was quiet. Ran errands on saturday with the houself, found a good sale on something I needed at JoAnns (like, when isn't there going to be something there I need) and then a small, but good score, at a thrift store. Almost thought one of our favorites had moved further out down the road but it is actually a few blocks closer, reopens Jul 11. Sunday I never went out of the house (except to enjoy the back deck :) ) and spent the whole day doing laundry and trying to get all the piles of misc. crap that build-up at this time of year under control. Didn't do to bad a job if I do say so myself. The dining room table is still full of boxes, but I know what is in them now :). Definitely need to organize a bunch of stuff for eBay soon though.

The last week has been rough for a couple of losses, and not the ones in the headlines. Cut for length..... Read more... )
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It is way to hot and still way to humid here right now, a set of gills would come in handy so I could, oh, breath normally!!!!

Heat advisory in effect through wednesday. Fortunately last week was not quite this hot. Close, but not quite as hot. And we were camping in it :). I was a wouse however, what with being sick the week before Lilies, so we did not stay out on site more than two nights in a row until the last two. Probably just as well, the heat plus humidity was really dragging.

Despite the above, and a bit of rain, Lilies was still fun. Always good to see folks we don't get to see except at this time of year (like our camping neighbors from Outlands). We opted not to cook and went to the food court for meals. Twist my arm and make me eat brisket daily (one of the food vendors does BBQ :) )! Didn't get over to the New Market area because of the heat and am disappointed about that, heard there were some new merchants there. Hope they did better than we did in Old Market, it was sssllloooowww. Talked with some of the other merchants and they say this has been the trend this year, most of the regulars who do other shows say their business has been down 35-50% depending on the show. We were really slow but then I'm kind of a small niche market (late period embroidery patterns).

The annual Lilies daquiri party was held as usual late saturday afternoon. It was HOT so we went light on the rum to increase the amount of cool strawberry 'slushies' folks could enjoy, and still walk :). Had a nice time with the folks that drifted by.

Himself has become a master a packing tetris with the two cars so we were home and unloaded by 2:30 pm. Still have at least one load of laundry though and several loads of things to run through the air cycle in the dryer to be sure all the dampness is out before they get packed away for next time.

Still frustrating that I can't get around as much as I would like to at Lilies, balance is still off when it comes to negotiating uneven ground, especially in the dark. But I'd rather be at Lilies with limited mobility than not at all!


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Behind cut, no gory details, good news, mostly for my records Read more... )

Better news: I've lost 17 pounds through all of this ! I know a lot was probably water, and will go back on, but hoping I can keep some of it off. Stomach is better but not much real appetite yet so, small portions..

And thanks everyone for their kind wishes!
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Had fever and chills last wednesday, cycle tapered off slowly through thrusday, back at work friday with some chills. Much better saturday am, almost had appetite back, mid-afternoon; Boom! There came that truck again. Cycling through chills/fever/sweating since saturday afternoon. Got a little sleep last night and dragged myself to work (the only reason I am posting) so I would be closer to the Dr Office for the urgent-care appt I called for as soon as they opened. Earliest they could get me in was 1 pm. They did suggest the ER but it would probably take longer there. Sigh. I don't need this right now!!!!!

Ow Ow Ow

May. 29th, 2009 05:40 pm
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Spent the last two days making site visits to three hotels here in KC that we are considering for a local embroidery seminar in 2011. OW! That's a lot of walking on concrete, my joints are protesting and I really can't blame them.

The site search has been interesting, we have a wide variety of venues in this area, and a wide variety of pricing. Not surprising, anything down on the Plaza is major bucks. Best ones, and cost, seem to be up by the airport.

This all really took me back to the old trek convention days. Sigh, so much younger then and could go all day on a snickers bar and coca cola :). We did several at the Hilton that used to be right off of the plaza (which was supposed to be torn down next year). They had a polynesian restaurant that served scorpion drinks, with big gardenias in them. At least one of these was my 'reward' after the masquerade was done on saturday night. The gardenia went into my hair. One year I had three of them in my hair :) :) :).

hmmm, anyone local know why Conquest was not at the Hilton up at the airport this year????

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