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2009-08-27 09:26 am
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One of those priorities....and cool links.

Monthly EGA meeting that I said I would teach the penny rug class at is tonight. Last night I was able to leisurely double-check the bag and put the finishing touches on the recycled wool examples. Sooo nice not to be rushing around. Now here is hoping I haven't forgotten anything at the last minute :).

Working on the 'to do' list and priorities for this weekend. Some yard and house work may need to be in there, probably more time in the sweatshop too but hey, I can find things there now :).

And partially for keeping track of these myself. Over on SCA LJ these links were posted about a major redo of Dover Castle to the period of Henry II:

And then this one to another living history site in England (they have a lot :) ) this one also has a virtual tour:

Sigh, I would really like to have a 16th century living history site around here....
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2009-08-21 02:33 pm

I haz a list..............

Oh brother do I have a list! Put one together earlier this week, then kept thinking of things to add, and add, and add. You see, I am a handicraft junkie, especially historic handicrafts. Nothing I like better than trolling through books, craft shows or the internet looking for a really cool project someone has done or a new historical tidbit about some (probably) very esoteric bit of textile history. I always have a new technique or project I want to do, lots of them, to many of them.

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So I have a plan for the weekend, hope it goes smoothly!