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That's what I always say about the weather around here and this last week has certainly lived up to it. Sunday saw temps drop more than 50 degrees in a few hours, snow and wind chills in the negative numbers after that. Temps have been below freezing, then freezing rain forecast for yesterday. Had a bit of a mist during the day, then come evening it *poured* WITH thunder and lightening! Apparently temps got up into the 50's overnight and a lot of the snow on the south side of the greater metro area melted. Temps were dropping again in the AM but no black ice yet. I have hopes for decent roads and sidewalks for the last of my errands this weekend.

Speaking of, my faculty has been very nice to us this year. I have to say I have a pretty good bunch and they are always pretty considerate. The wife of one did a HUGE basket of homemade goodies plus some really cool scrapbooky-type ornaments for those of us in the office. Most remember cards and a thank you for our support during the year. The chair was very generous with a gift card to Penseys. I had planned to stop by there last weekend, looks like a good thing I didn't make it then :). I will be stocking up tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and new cable service was installed yesterday. It meant cleaning out a couple of closets I hadn't planned on but everything is in and working, just need to get another cable for our DVD player to set it up. For my holiday present to myself I now get to call the old service and tell them what they can do with it :) :) :).

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