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I kept meaning to post a summary of my 26th year of being involved with KCRF but the creeping crude that seems to have been passed around the last two weekends of faire has really sapped my energy.

Next monday will make 2 weeks I have had this JUNK and I am Really Tired Of It! It won't settle in my chest so I can just cough it up, won't do a really serious job and plug up my sinus' (both of which I could take meds to help clear, darn it), it just keeps draining down the back of my throat, making me sound like a hoarse bullfrog (when I can talk at all) and triggering horrible coughing that is getting nowhere. Sleep is intermittent at best and this weather isn't helping much either!!!!

Ok, sorry for the grousing :). I have gotten spoiled the last several years, now that my thyroid is normal after the cancer, with being able to shake a cold completely in a week, 10 days at the most. Before that I had colds that would hang on for, literally, months. I was really enjoying the improvement! I already had a Dr's appt schedule for next week so as long as I don't run a fever, I'm just going to try and take it easy until then. Wedding on saturday and family get-together on Sunday is all I'm planning on going out of the house for all weekend!!!

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