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And what a dreary one it is! I had hoped to be able to go out to faire yesterday on Columbus Day. When the weather is nice I like the afternoon of Columbus Day to stroll the faire as it is usually cool, the leaves have started to turn, and there are few crowds. I really want to catch the chess match and the final scenes at the gallows. It was not to be this year however as with the rain it was just too slick for my footing right now and the cold went right to the hip. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this saturday.

One weekend to go and I still have some sewing projects on the 'to do' list. Managed to get Angelbedwell's bodice done for saturday, still have another to finish but that is for a wedding the weeekend after faire, bride is coming over for a fitting on friday. It is projects like these that remind me how spoiled I get sewing for DH, when I need to check a fitting I can just yell :)! Just a couple of small projects to do for him that he didn't want until the last weekend, then it will be time to clean out the sewing table of rennfaire fabrics and start getting ready to help LR with costumes for her medieval feast in December. T-tunics! I can do those in my sleep :).

And I got the discouraging news Sunday that the last minute project I did the friday night before faire opened, was delivered to PB saturday morning, who passed it on to the person that the request originated with, who promptly lost it. Sigh. PB, bless her, had not wanted to tell me as she knew I worked it up at the last minute for her, so she scrambled the next week to make another as best she could.
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Had a flashback to an earlier time when we arrived at faire on sunday. Due to 'Das Boot' we have been driving me on site to T'gers where I spend the day working (if you can call it that, and he pays me, bless him!). Anyway, this sunday, being the second weekend, there was no where near the number of cars around as there was the first weekend and once we had passed the much-larger-than-it-needs to be forklift delivering the skids of drinks to the food booths, the lanes were empty! It reminded me of my favorite time at faire, years ago when I used to have a shop in the same spot T'gers now stands. We would come out on weekends during the summer to build or repair/remodel the shop, and few if any people would be around. No concert at Sandstone, just all the other period looking shops closed up and quiet, sun coming through the canopy of leaves. We crashed in the booth a couple of times as well over the years and early mornings were another favorite time, as other shop owners awoke or arrived it truly seemed like a village waking up. Then the cannon would go off and the hoardes of patrons stream through the gate :) :) :).
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I could only make it out to faire one day for opening weekend because of the foot but it was definately better to be there one day than not make it at all. We drove in sunday and dropped me off at T'gers and I stayed there all day. Got one of the new pairs of cabby boys to take me to front gate around 6:30 pm (they were so nice and polite! Everyone please be nice to them as I may need their services for a couple of more weeks) Saw a few folks on a slow stroll/gimp to Royal Eggs, where I managed to be when the heavens opened up. Good timing huh :).

I hadn't seen T'gers expansion until sunday, very nice and something he's needed for a long time. We now have room for more clothing (including some new shirts he has from some handwoven fabric he found in Thailand, very nice), and probably more important, more customers :). He is well stocked on capes too this year, altho if somene wants a particular color, as always, shop early!

It sucked not being able to get around and see everyones new shows, characters and costumes but I appreciated those that could make it by to say Hi! I'll be out again next sunday and hope to be able to hobble around more by the last couple of weekends.
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Wellll, I spoke to soon. Had a call last night for a last-minute prop for the scenario. Call today finalized they still need it and since I have all the needed materials at home, and won't need to do any walking (love JoAnn's but to many steps right now) I will be doing it tonight.

Now it feels like a normal friday-before-the-opening-weekend of faire :).
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I realized most of the folks I know on LJ I know through faire (except one, but I got her involved :) ) so I figured you will all understand the quandry I am in right now. It is less than 3 days to faire, and I don't have anything I *have* to get done by saturday! This is a very new experience for me, to say the least :).

Part of it I can blame on the broken foot, which meant I had to turn down a few costume requests this summer, not being able to use the sewing machine. Got a lot of handwork done though!

The other part would be DH's changing involvement with faire. He didn't need a whole new freakn' ensemble this year! How many H8 outfits can one guy have anyway :)? There have been a couple of odd projects to help DH get his new stage show ready, and some last minute repairs to rain-drenched props from last friday, but otherwise we are pretty set.

Hmmmmm, isn't this where something unexpected comes leaping out of the bushes.....

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