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At least compared to the last couple of days that is. We had one pipe at the house freeze up a bit on sunday. It was the hotwater line to the kitchen sink. It thawed quickly but then refroze in the afternoon, despite the cupboard doors being left open, so we set it on a trickle and it made it through the night. This seems to be our only serious problem spot though, and only when temps are in the negative teens.

The same cannot be said for a waterline at work. Yup, same one that froze up last week, that we reported to FO. It thawed, but apparently no insulating was done so it froze again, and busted. It has leaked into the offices below us so FO was already working on it when I got in yesterday morning. Water is shutoff in this area as they still have to find where it busted. Then there will be a lot of sheetrock work..... It is in our largest conference room. Fortunately nothing is schedule in there until the first week of January but I double booked those meetings into the other conference room just in case.

Got the last of the holiday errands done last night and topped off the tank while I was at it, not knowing for sure what today's forecast would end up bringing. So far not as bad as predicted, but I'm not counting on a trouble free drive home. Half-day at work tomorrow, then a 4-day weekend courtsey of the Governor. Thanks Ma'am :)!

Well Drat!

Nov. 24th, 2004 01:23 pm
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So I watch the weather reports, put the car in the garage last night so I can actually get to it, into it, (thanks to the new automatic garagedoor opener, yipee!) and out of the driveway without having to try and keep my balance in the snow (I have none at this time). Make it through the batcave opening (large branch weighted down over the drive so it feels like you are going in/out of the batcave, kind of cool except when you can't see any other cars coming) and over the mounds of snow at the top of our driveway out onto a very partially plowed mainstreet (supposed to be an emergency snow route), to the highway (not to bad, except for the nuts) and actually get to work about my normal time, 7 am, to secure one of the few parking spots my hip can manage at this point. But making it TO work does not mean I can make it INto work. Nothing was plowed, nothing was shoveled and they had about as much snow as we had at home, 5-6 inches. I waited for 45 mintues but after watching several folks slipping and slidding and 2 actually falling as they tried to walk in from the parking lots, I gave up, called my boss on the cell and told him I tried but was not going to make it. He offered to try and help me to the door when he made it in but the thought of me landing on top of the chair of our department in a pile of wet, slushy, dirty snow was not appealing for some reason so I declined. He said he understood :). Once I got out of the lot, drive home was a little better and got the car back into the garage with no problem. I hadn't realized how tense I had been about dealing with all this until I had been home about an hour and had really unwound, and feel instently asleep (with a cat on my lap of course). One of the things I had been hoping for with scheduling the surgery in mid-December was to avoid any weather like this until I was better able to deal with it. The Universe just haaaaad to go and throw one at me, sigh. Hope this will be the only one.

Looking out at the streets now they seem to have improved so I'm hoping, if the in-laws get a chance to shovel, to be able to make it to DH's family dinner tonight. Forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be a lot warmer so I'm just not going to worry about it, yet :). 23 days and counting!

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