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Dec. 11th, 2008 11:54 am
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Max is still getting the cold-shoulder from the big grey so I'm giving him a little face-time on LJ. Here is a pic of him in one of his favorite spots; Himself's lap. (behind cut) Read more... )

Strumpet was hissing at him a bit but I caught her actually coming up to him twice to get in a good sniff, and no hiss so, Good girl. Murf is actually only spiteing himself now. They get canned food in the AM and he was to grumpy to come in and share. I put his bowl in the dining room just this once......
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It's cold! Back into work today so all is good. I *really* like having a handrail though :). Drive home yesterday was nuts. Fortunately we did not get as much ice as had originally been in the forecast but the temps had been dropping fast so, there was enough. I had an appt right after work so Himself picked up Max from the vet. Teeth clean albeit with one less.

Max is happy to be home, the others are not so happy to see him. The way the big grey is hissing and growling at him you would think he was the only cattle rancher at vegan gathering. Still at it this morning. Normally Max is pretty oblivious to things like this, he is the most non-territorial animal I have ever seen, but this is bad enough he has been watching his step. Still the first at the foodbowl this morning, and since the others were to grumpy to join him, he got theirs too :).

Just a couple of quick errands on the way home tonight, then hopefully I will be able to find the dining room table, again.....

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