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Ok, that's really a rhetorical question, I know where it came from but sheeeesh.......

Cut for fabric angst.... Read more... )

So, once again, I need to get down to the roots and start clearing out to be able to find a place for what I am using, what I want to do. Sigh.

But can I get some of it done before the garage sale in April.....
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The last couple of weekends have been pretty laid back. Not much scheduled, especially weekend before last so I was a complete slug. Pulled out of it a bit this weekend. On saturday had a nice time visiting with some folks we don't see that often at this time of year and then on sunday got some cleaning and sorting done, plus the start on a couple of projects. Some reoccurance of the lumbar issues have been a problem and it also doesn't help that it is waaay to cold to work for very long down in the sweat shop but still managed to get a short stint in. Hopefully I can finish up one of them with handwork and then get it in the mail. Another project I had been wanting to try was recyling a tshirt into a quick bag. Very simple, went fast, now to see how the bag holds up.

Weather forecast for this week is just plain icky but, at this point, no ice in the forecast for our area. We seem to be right on the dividing line, north and south, for the systems that are going through. I don't wish ice on anyone but I have to admit I'm happy not to deal with it here. Parking in the garage here at work is going well. It has been a real stress-reliever not to have to worry about what I might have to deal with getting to work, etc. Walking the bridge was the unknown and, to be honest, they could probably do a little better job of keeping it clean/treated but all in all it hasn't been bad. And as I think I have mentioned before, having a railing also makes a big difference. Thanks again to Himself who lets me have our one-car garage in the winter!

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