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Mostly for the KC folks, Shawnee area: a friend of my sister's has lost her dog:

While we were in Seattle, our dog ran away from the sitter's house in
Shawnee Sunday afternoon (near Bayer Animal Health at Shawnee Mission
Parkway & Long). If you or anyone you know happen to be in the Shawnee area, please keep an eye out for Maya (photo attached). She's sweet but very shy,so she probably wouldn't go to strangers, but if there was even a sighting of her, it would help us narrow our search vicinity.

She has posted on Pet Connection, Facebook (so did I), etc. If you see her please give me a ping and I will pass it on. She looks like a sweety, hope she finds her way home.

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I've lost about 14 lbs. The bad news is it took a couple of nights in the hospital on IV antibiotics and staying on a low-sodium diet. Yup, cellulitus returned, this time on the lower leg. The reason for the low-sodiumm, and keeping it propped up all the time (edema). This round was an ugly one but I will spare you all the description.

So I am house-bound all weekend, no chance of enjoying the GORGEOUS weather we are getting. I am very very happy for all my renfaire friends however. Looks like one of those always-hoped for opening weekends. You all have fun!
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So someone figured out they could put the live streaming video of the World Cup games up on a big screen in one of our conference rooms.

At least I know where to find the greater majority of my faculty during a game :).
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No, not me, but our little Tuxedo cat, Strumpet. Story behiind cut......... Read more... )
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for the United States (I see and east/west treand):

visited 27 states (54%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

for the world:

visited 7 states (3.11%)
Create your own visited map of The World

Hmmm, I think I need to get out of the country more......
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When the crocodile head is in the reflecting pool..... long update behind cut Read more... )

Now if the power would just stay on here at work, I can get done what I need to do here :)!
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So I'm getting ready for work this morning and hear the birds going absolutely nuts outside in the backyard. With the days getting longer they've been waking up earlier (and we have a bird feeder right outside the back door) but this was not the usual morning birdsong. Took a quick look outside, didn't see anything. Weather was nice so I stepped out onto the deck, birds still going nuts so I looked in that direction, up, into the neighbors huge oak tree and saw this:

She was having breakfast, something with grey feathers, probably the reason the other birds were going nuts :). Scrambled around inside to find the camera and got back to the door just as she was getting ready to fly off, had to take this through the glass of the door.

I had forgotten our birdfeeder was the occasional raptor buffet :).
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Since this is probably only going to interest the other stitchers here, going behind a cut.... Read more... )

At Work....

Jan. 7th, 2010 09:50 am
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Made it into work today, only an hour late. Since I now have dependable, reasonable access parking (ie; the garage right next to my building) I took advantage of the inclement weather policy which essentially gives non-essential personal (We are a medical center, essential personal are the medical staff) a two hour grace period to get to work. It was kind of nice actually, gave me the flex to be sure Himself's car could clear the snowplow mountain at the top of the drive (if not, we would have carpooled in my higher clearance Rodeo) and then I could take my time driving in to work myself. I will probably be the only office staff here today, altho a couple of the professors have shown up too. Hopefully that will make for a nice quiet day.
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This was soooo not how I had planned to usher out the old and welcome in the new... cut for probably length and a little self-indulgent whining
Read more... )

Did get out to enjoy a nice quiet early dinner on New Year's eve with duncanprime and spouse, which was great as we don't get to see them much with time to just visit. My to-do list at home, and at work, for that nice quiet week between Christmas and New Year's is a total loss however. Hoping to get the work list a bit caught up today but will probably have to miss Crown with things I still need to do this weekend. The weather had better cooperate for QPT!

Speaking of weather, the cats have been sticking to us like glue, especially the little black and white one. She discovered that the laundry basket is closer to one of the furnace vents so now if she can't be on our laps, she is nesting in our dirty underwear :). We don't usually have a problem with pipes freezing but this is just the type of weather we have had a little trouble with in the past so at least two faucets have been on steady drip for a couple of days and will continue to be through the weekend. Himself did a marathon job keeping the driveway and parking area clear enough that we can safely manuever 3 cars around without getting stuck. And the joints really appreciated being the one with the warmer car this morning (I got the garage!). Thanks Dear! Now back to work.............
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Stumbled on this today (sorry for the long link):

Anyone else think this is actually a man's nightcap? Altho I'm pretty sure it is a later one, and stitched by a shop......
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Also the mimosas!

made it to Himself's family get-together last night. Lots of fun, kids and laughter (family trivia quiz, had to be there). Made it home by 10 pm in weather and on streets I really hope I never have to deal with again. So far it looks like everyone else made it home too (it wasn't snowing when we started!). Got up and saw the weather report and roads this morning so my family decided, even tho everyone is in town, not to be stupid and we are putting off our get-together by at least a day. Everything on the menu will be fine for another day. We are happily ensconsed in our warm house, currently on the second dvd. The housemate has moved up the standing roast she was going to do this weekend to tonight so we will still be eating rrreeaalll good.

Had a good Christmas morning with himself and the housemate. She was very pleasantly surprised with the T'ger cloak, he cleaned up on Lego :). I scored with books and Bab5, woot! Seed has been put out for the birds, a little shoveling will be done later, then, a nap! I could get to like these laid back holidays :).

Hope everyone and theirs is safe and warm with this weather. Stay home and enjoy!
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The embroidered jacket project at the Plimoth Plantation is done, they are having the big reveal today. Pics have been posted on the blog for those of us that couldn't be there:

The surviving jackets from this period all look colorful, but in a warm, faded-glow sort of way. Now we see what they would have looked brand new. They must have sparkled like fireworks in the candlelight!

I am so happy I was able to participate in this project. Yup, that's where this icon comes from. I stitched the gold petals. This flower is in the middle of the back, right under the bird. A little hard to miss :).

It was an awesome group of folks who speared headed it, and bulldogged it to see it got done. And it is!

Oh yeah, and they did an article in the Boston Globe on the project today :).
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I don't have the largest friends-list, but I still thought I would pass this on:

From The Alcott Arts Center in KCKS:
For those of you who know the Alcott we are usually closed at this time of year due to NO Heat. Well this year we got a request to host a fundraiser for a Local Talent who was injured while being a Good Samaritan, so the Alcott will open for one day only. We will host a Benefit on Nov. 20 8pm $12 913-233-2787 or for more details The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible, Yet !
In the very early morning hours of Sunday, November 8, Kansas City Actor/Director Paul B. was thrust into the middle of a physical altercation that left him with one hundred and fifty stitches in his face. In an effort to try to protect a friend who was physically incapable of protecting himself, Paul nearly lost his life, the blade that cut him missing his Jugular by a couple of millimeters. He was treated and released at a nearby emergency room, and is recovering very nicely. Because Paul has no medical insurance, he not only has to suffer the emotional aftermath of being attacked and scarred for life, but he also has to suffer the financial hardships of being on the hook for emergency room fees. Proceeds will go to help Paul with these fees, and any extra funds raised will be donated to The Kansas City Free Health Clinic.

On November 20, 8:00 pm at the Alcott Center, there will be an evening of performance, music, a silent auction, food and drink (adult and otherwise). There will be a $12 cover at the door, and inside you will find libation in exchange for your further donation. Doors will open at 7:30.
The evening will include performances from .....
Dean Vivian
Lezlie Revelle
Vi Tran
a special performance from Sony recording artist and American Tenor, Nathan Granner!
If you can't make this event, but still would like to contribute, you can use your paypal account to send money to

If you wish to donate items or services to the auction, or volunteer to help out, email me at

Hope to see you there !!!

[ profile] sablessam also recently posted about this. I know times are tight for just about everyone but needs like this look like great holiday giving to me :).
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Preview went well last night, had a small, but lively crowd, including some LJ folks. So far, costumes are holding up but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed through tonight.

Did have a couple of comments on the costumes that I take as compliments; One friend, whose husband made the chainmail coif worn by one of the knights, thought the gambeson and surcoat had come out of an SCA closet they looked so real. Score! They were dyed mattress pads w/ fake suede cloth edging to look like leather :). I didn't get time to talk to her very much but there was someone who said she also did costuming and had noticed the different fabrics in each of the priest's tunics and thought it fit for a large period household. Part of my reason for doing it, the other being the inablity to find enough fabric on one bolt, at the right price :). Then Rev L., our liason with St Mary's, asked what the director was going to do with the cope after the show. She was hoping to use it, it apparently looked that good :).

So feeling good going into opening night, and then a weekend to catch up with waaaay to many things. I suppose cleaning needs to be in there somewhere but I really want to dig out the embroidery. Belated B-day dinner will be Dim Sum on sunday but Himself surprised me with Sheridon's when I finally got home last night. Thanks Dear!
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Shilling for my show:

I'm the costumer for a show opening tomorrow: T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral. It is about the murder of Thomas Beckett and is being performed *in* St Mary's cathedral downtown. Which is just an awesome setting for this story! To highlight the timelessness of Beckett's story the director's vision was to span the centuries costume-wise (what do you mean I can't just put everyone in T-tunics?!?!?! :) ). I think it works tho, and if I do say so myself it has created some very effective imagery. More info on dates, times, etc. may be found here:

Here are a couple of pics of the costumes from the first costume check. Behind cut..... Read more... )
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[ profile] renniemom and [ profile] nottygypsy have already posted but I'm ratting out [ profile] galactusprime to anyone who may have missed it:

It's his Birthday Today! And he is 50!

He didn't want a big fuss but what's a little post on LJ :).

And here is a pic in a costume folks may not have seen before:

They are growing them taller at the North Pole these days :).

Happy Birthday Dear!!!
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Quick post for the folks that are house hunting:

If you are looking for a house in the NE Johnson county area there is one in our neighborhood for sale. It was a foreclosure but, at least on the outside, is in very good shape. Haven't seen the inside so I don't know about it. I think this was a case of someone getting the house in the divorce but not being able to keep up the payments. 60th & Antioch. Faces 60th but driveway/parking is on the Antioch side. 3 BR, 1 BA, partially finished basement, drive-out 1-car garage, backyard w/privacy fence. I think it is listing for 85K.

And if anyone needs a *really* good home inspector I recommend this guy:

He has done several inspections for family and friends and everyone has been very happy. He is very thorough.

Good luck all!
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Need to start making a list again, and prioritize it! The organizational device in the dining room has been accumulating 'stuff' (how does that happen?) again and is now over a foot deep. Measurements and fabric have finally come together for a lot of the show sooooo naturally, just as the temperatures drop, I need to be down in the sweat(NOT)shop to sew. I'm at faire this sunday and of course only have the HOT weather garb dug out of the closet. I love faire when it is cool but I will not be a happy camper in lt-weight linen and even lighter weight cotton. Need to find time to dig in the closet, and be sure something is wearable.

And I keep getting distracted with EGA temptations. Must. Resist. Shiney. Beads.

More details behind cut.... Read more... )

And to all my LJ friends with four-footed members of your family; give them a hug. It is a rough season right now, several friends have lost one of these family members. My thoughts are with them.
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Last week went so fast, this one is dragging. Finally hump day however!

Got a lot done over the weekend. EGA class was great, of course now I can't put the project down (a little sampler strawberry, to cute!). Also dug out the henna and I'm a redhead again. Went a little overboard, forgot I usually only use half a box.... Oh well, it will fade, but in the meantime, in the right light, I look like a new penny :).

No renfaire again this weekend, which may be a good thing. Seems to be some respiratory crude going through folks out there (so far not the cutelittlepiggy flu, so far as anyone knows) and I am just as happy to miss it. Himself has also managed to miss it, at least so far, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Speaking of the flu, had the first full read-through of the show I am costuming last night. That could be a big concern there. Folks were advised that the director would be a bit lenient about missed rehearsals if you are coming down with something. Stay home so you won't infect the rest of the cast! I've seen actors plough through while being really sick but this one doesn't sound like it would be so easy, not to mention how contagious it seems to be. Hope we can avoid it.

Hope to get to Coronation this weekend. Would be nice to see folks, altho it means I will be within reach of a certain Evil Baron (tm)................

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