Nov. 18th, 2009

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I don't have the largest friends-list, but I still thought I would pass this on:

From The Alcott Arts Center in KCKS:
For those of you who know the Alcott we are usually closed at this time of year due to NO Heat. Well this year we got a request to host a fundraiser for a Local Talent who was injured while being a Good Samaritan, so the Alcott will open for one day only. We will host a Benefit on Nov. 20 8pm $12 913-233-2787 or for more details The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible, Yet !
In the very early morning hours of Sunday, November 8, Kansas City Actor/Director Paul B. was thrust into the middle of a physical altercation that left him with one hundred and fifty stitches in his face. In an effort to try to protect a friend who was physically incapable of protecting himself, Paul nearly lost his life, the blade that cut him missing his Jugular by a couple of millimeters. He was treated and released at a nearby emergency room, and is recovering very nicely. Because Paul has no medical insurance, he not only has to suffer the emotional aftermath of being attacked and scarred for life, but he also has to suffer the financial hardships of being on the hook for emergency room fees. Proceeds will go to help Paul with these fees, and any extra funds raised will be donated to The Kansas City Free Health Clinic.

On November 20, 8:00 pm at the Alcott Center, there will be an evening of performance, music, a silent auction, food and drink (adult and otherwise). There will be a $12 cover at the door, and inside you will find libation in exchange for your further donation. Doors will open at 7:30.
The evening will include performances from .....
Dean Vivian
Lezlie Revelle
Vi Tran
a special performance from Sony recording artist and American Tenor, Nathan Granner!
If you can't make this event, but still would like to contribute, you can use your paypal account to send money to

If you wish to donate items or services to the auction, or volunteer to help out, email me at

Hope to see you there !!!

[ profile] sablessam also recently posted about this. I know times are tight for just about everyone but needs like this look like great holiday giving to me :).

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