Oct. 31st, 2006

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First meme I've had time for in a long while:

"Remember that cool costume you wore as a kid, the first one that springs to mind when you think of Halloween? Find an appropriate image on the 'Net of who you were dressed as and post it, along with this meme in your LJ."

My mom sewed all our costumes when we were kids. I don't remember all of them but one that still tags around in my memory was a witch; black skirt, short black cape, and a hat. Pretty much your standard witch so no pic. All the old costumes ended up in the 'dress-up' box and these pieces hung around for a long time, probably why I still remember them. There were also a couple of sari's (now they would be called vintage :) ) that a neighbor who had moved here from India had given us. They were great for dress-up too! (right cepblionhearth :)?).

My last 'official' Halloween costume does stick in my memory. I had missed one Halloween due to getting my tonsils out and was under Doctor's orders to stay in the house for a week. Naturally, the last day was Halloween but my mother wouldn't budge, I had to stay at home. So sometime in high school (probably freshman year) I decided this would be my last year trick-or-treating and I went as the scarecrow. Pic here Ahhh geekdom the early years :).

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