Nov. 6th, 2009

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Preview went well last night, had a small, but lively crowd, including some LJ folks. So far, costumes are holding up but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed through tonight.

Did have a couple of comments on the costumes that I take as compliments; One friend, whose husband made the chainmail coif worn by one of the knights, thought the gambeson and surcoat had come out of an SCA closet they looked so real. Score! They were dyed mattress pads w/ fake suede cloth edging to look like leather :). I didn't get time to talk to her very much but there was someone who said she also did costuming and had noticed the different fabrics in each of the priest's tunics and thought it fit for a large period household. Part of my reason for doing it, the other being the inablity to find enough fabric on one bolt, at the right price :). Then Rev L., our liason with St Mary's, asked what the director was going to do with the cope after the show. She was hoping to use it, it apparently looked that good :).

So feeling good going into opening night, and then a weekend to catch up with waaaay to many things. I suppose cleaning needs to be in there somewhere but I really want to dig out the embroidery. Belated B-day dinner will be Dim Sum on sunday but Himself surprised me with Sheridon's when I finally got home last night. Thanks Dear!

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