Dec. 25th, 2009

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Also the mimosas!

made it to Himself's family get-together last night. Lots of fun, kids and laughter (family trivia quiz, had to be there). Made it home by 10 pm in weather and on streets I really hope I never have to deal with again. So far it looks like everyone else made it home too (it wasn't snowing when we started!). Got up and saw the weather report and roads this morning so my family decided, even tho everyone is in town, not to be stupid and we are putting off our get-together by at least a day. Everything on the menu will be fine for another day. We are happily ensconsed in our warm house, currently on the second dvd. The housemate has moved up the standing roast she was going to do this weekend to tonight so we will still be eating rrreeaalll good.

Had a good Christmas morning with himself and the housemate. She was very pleasantly surprised with the T'ger cloak, he cleaned up on Lego :). I scored with books and Bab5, woot! Seed has been put out for the birds, a little shoveling will be done later, then, a nap! I could get to like these laid back holidays :).

Hope everyone and theirs is safe and warm with this weather. Stay home and enjoy!

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