Jan. 4th, 2010

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This was soooo not how I had planned to usher out the old and welcome in the new... cut for probably length and a little self-indulgent whining
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Did get out to enjoy a nice quiet early dinner on New Year's eve with duncanprime and spouse, which was great as we don't get to see them much with time to just visit. My to-do list at home, and at work, for that nice quiet week between Christmas and New Year's is a total loss however. Hoping to get the work list a bit caught up today but will probably have to miss Crown with things I still need to do this weekend. The weather had better cooperate for QPT!

Speaking of weather, the cats have been sticking to us like glue, especially the little black and white one. She discovered that the laundry basket is closer to one of the furnace vents so now if she can't be on our laps, she is nesting in our dirty underwear :). We don't usually have a problem with pipes freezing but this is just the type of weather we have had a little trouble with in the past so at least two faucets have been on steady drip for a couple of days and will continue to be through the weekend. Himself did a marathon job keeping the driveway and parking area clear enough that we can safely manuever 3 cars around without getting stuck. And the joints really appreciated being the one with the warmer car this morning (I got the garage!). Thanks Dear! Now back to work.............

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